Monday, January 9, 2012

Here's the Thing

Unless it looks a helluva lot like one of the versions of the game that the guys who invented the game wrote -- that is, unless they put back most of what they took out and take out most of what they put in -- they can keep it. I no longer need WotC, Hasbro, or "official" D&D. I hate to be a cynic, but short of releasing 2 versions of the game -- a classic version that looks like OD&D or AD&D, and a new version that looks like 3.5 or 4E -- I just don't see how they can satisfy both old-schoolers and new-schoolers. That said, if it DOES look a helluva lot like OD&D, B/X or AD&D; or they DO release a classic version of the game -- then they just might start getting some of my cash again.

Also, while I'm at it and in case there's some minuscule chance that anyone in charge will ever read this, bring Dragon and Dungeon back in dead tree format & keep your lousy subscription service. If I need a character builder, cards, chits, minis, tiles, grids, counters or ANYTHING LIKE THAT to play the game I will not be buying it. If I want to incorporate that stuff into my game, I will - but I shouldn't NEED it.

Oh yeah, and if I see anything about surges or surging anywhere, I walk. Surging is something people should do in private.

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